Our Story

Cosy Beautiful is built for giving. 
After leaving a good job that paid well in money but left me emotionally depleted, I set out to create a company that would help people feel more loved. Cosy Beautiful is the answer to many of my life's most pressing questions "how can I create work to support myself and my family while working from home? How can I give back and uplift others? How can I use my passion and strength in interior design to improve the lives of those around me? What products bring me the most joy that I could provide to other people? What does this world need me for?"
I have always leaned in to soft things. I believe my very first connections with my mom came from snuggling in soft blankets, and I think I've carried that throughout my life - feeling comfort, not just physically but emotionally too, when I touch, wear, and hold something soft. I know of no better way to improve someone's space AND their emotional well-being than adding a soft throw to their room. 
Curating the CB collection of throw blankets has been such a fun way to connect with different personality types, to imagine the person that will open up their cheetah throw and feel like "YES, THIS is me. I belong here." Or the granddaughter draping the honeysuckle throw on her sofa and reminiscing on times with grandma who sported similar prints in her home. The blankets are designed with emotion and love guiding the way. 
The message infused into every CB throw is one I feel everyone needs to hear, heck it's the one I need to hear as well - You are so loved. There is no greater truth to me than understanding and feeling how much love is flowing toward each of us from this big, beautiful universe we live in. Love, and hope, and grace, and light, and happiness are here for the taking, and I hope every CB throw's "You are so loved" tag reminds people, reminds YOU, of that. 
With Love,
The Cosy Beautiful Family